More than just moving dirt

With our many years of experience and an eye for unique solutions, we continue to take on creative landscaping projects. Allow us help you design a new outdoor living space to suit your individual needs and wants! Call today for an appointment - 678.883.8909!

Photo gallery: A Few Examples of Our Work

What sets us apart? Our designers know that landscape design is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Each home is special; and each customer has different needs and expectations. 


When you hire us, we will pay special attention to creating a proper foundation for your landscape. We understand the necessity of controlling water flow on your property, sending rain water away from your and your neighbors' houses and stopping erosion. We use retaining walls when necessary, but are often able to use grading, our own red clay and boulders to create berms to control the water. This is the foundation of a good landscape design.

When determining plants to use in a new landscape design, we work with our customer to choose the plants that suit not only their aesthetic desire, but also their budget and desired ongoing maintenance level. We understand that not everyone has a gardener - or is a master gardener - and know what plants to use to keep your maintenance budget (time and money) in check. We also try to salvage and reuse existing plants where possible by moving them to a better location, then pruning and hedging them to encourage proper development.


Georgia has beautiful indigenous plants, such as Dogwood Trees, Redbuds, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Ferns, Moss and other ground covers, that thrive here in the Atlanta area. We use these and other plants that are hybridized to flourish in our climate within our landscape design to make a beautiful, natural landscape setting that provides beauty and color year-round.

We also design and install more formal European influenced gardens and Asian influenced gardens, but our specialty is the yard that loves to be lived in. We believe that a garden should be designed to grow into, not out of. The landscape design should be timeless. The team at Georgia Natural Scapes is committed to designing a landscape that will be there for life; a yard for people to use and enjoy for years to come.

We understand that your home is a huge investment - both monetarily and emotionally. Investing in the landscape will add more value and make your home more marketable than any other improvement. With the right turf (sod) lined with gracefully designed plant beds; and watered with our properly zoned and designed irrigation systems, we will make your yard your favorite room of the house™.