The art of moving dirt

When we look at a potential landscaping project, we pay special attention to creating proper foundational grading, understanding the necessity of controlling water flow to stop erosion and send rain water away from your and your neighbors' houses. We use retaining walls when necessary, but are often able to use grading, our own red clay and boulders to create berms to control the water and stop erosion. This is the foundation of a good landscape design. We look at the total picture before making any recommendations about your landscape, listening carefully to you every step of the way.

Houses built on hills

Georgia has many houses that are built on steep slopes. The builders usually build decks off the back of the house, but don't do much to create access to the "back yard".


See we took a three story steep drop off and turned it into a usable landscape!

Erosion control was only one of the reasons we were brought in - they had no backyard! When our crew was through grading and installing retaining walls, steps, and walkways, this customer not only had access to the back of their house, they had decorative walkways and steps with planting areas, a Zen garden meditation area and a beautiful level back yard complete with fencing.

If it's dry, why call it a creek bed?

Dry Creek Beds are used to create an attractive path for water run-off. When designed and installed correctly as a part of an overall landscape, the dry creek bed will be the focal point of the carefully contoured terrain that sends water away from your house. Other drainage solutions are:

  • Contour Grading with Sod Installation
  • Drain Basins with Drainage Pipe Installed Underground
  • French Drains (sometimes used in conjuction with Dry Creek Beds, but mostly commonly used for the house foundation walls)
  • Terracing with Drain Basins

Our drainage experts will offer the optimal solution for your drainage and erosion control needs. Call for an on-site consult - 678.883.8909!