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Your landscaping project is always in good hands with our landscapers. Our landscape service includes all project phases from planning to installation to final cleanup. We will do our best to work within your budget, and if need be, we will break the project into manageable phases to make it more affordable. Call today to schedule a consultation! 678.883.8909

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Our approach to your landscape will be as unique as you are. Each home is special, and each customer has different needs and expectations. We look at the total picture before making any recommendations, listening carefully to you each step of the way.... read more about us

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You can count on our experts’ many years of experience, great ideas and wide-ranging expertise landscaping Atlanta. No matter the style of your home, our Marietta Landscaping team will make your landscape beautiful. We will even work with you to create a master plan that we execute in phases, so you don't have to compromise on your dream yard! Call for a free consultation – 678.883.8909 – or read more About us


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Our scope of services includes everything to make the yard your favorite room of the house!

Our scope of services

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Learn more about projects our Marietta landscaping team has already successfully completed, and be inspired! Is your yard unusable? We can fix that! No place for the kids to play? We can fix that! Have other landscapers backed away, or created a larger mess than you had before? We can fix that too! Call 678.883.8909 for an appointment today!

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